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Local Dog Trainers in Yorklyn District of Columbia. CONGRATULATIONS! You have discovered the award-winning dog training program serving your area with proven methods and incredible success rates. We provide you and your canine companion with lessons ranging from behavior, to being better with kids, to potty training and all points between. Before you can choose your highly qualified dog trainer, I believe you must first decide what kind of bond you want to establish with your dog. This includes your family as well. Do you want a relationship based on intimidation and force, or would you prefer one based on total cooperation and unyielding trust? Do you want to use pain to get your dog to listen to you, or does it make more sense to use pleasure? Choke chains or cookies? Are you getting the point here? It really is a choice.Local Dog Trainers in Yorklyn District of Columbia. To take it a step further, I truly believe every single one of us raising dogs today share an incredible responsibility in determining how our dogs will view their very important world. Will they see through the eyes of fear or through the eyes of love? The latter is only possible with a process of training and interacting with your dog that uplifts his spirit rather than tears it down. In most cases, both techniques could produce the results you want. However, only one method will feel right in your heart. This is How to Establish Yourself as Pack Leader: Some methods of obedience training for dogs rely primarily on gimmicks or inducing pain or discomfort, our hybrid method empowers you with the insight you need to become your dog's pack leader. Once the role of pack leader is fulfilled by you, most other issues and concerns will fall naturally and easily into place. All the dog training tips in the world won't matter if your dog doesn't view you as his pack leader. Local Dog Trainers in Yorklyn DC. Dogs have an innate need for the social structure and security of a pack, so in order to maintain a peaceful existence, dog owners must learn to confidently lead that pack. The bottom line is this: Dog behavior issues almost always stem from lack of consistent leadership. Pack leadership isn't difficult to achieve, it simply requires a basic understanding of the pack leader mindset and consistent use of a few, straightforward and proven techniques. With dog training as a personal lesson, I teach basic obedience methods as well as advanced methods and strategies. The group dog training is done as group socialization and requires that a dog already have been taught it's basics. I love rescue dogs and pretty much any dog. I don't judge - I have had both non-rescue, rescue and adopted dogs and cats throughout my life. It is very apparent that there are many backyard breeders over the last decade that have created a tremendous situation that makes it critical for humans to go to the local animal shelter or to support rescue groups. Does your four-legged friend have issues like walking you down the street, getting into the trash (or worse) or jumping on people in your home? Do you just want to do something fun with your dog like teaching them to shake, bow or crawl? Our Behavior Buddies dog training program can help get your pup off your “naughty-dog” list or just help you have more fun with your dog using reward-based methods. Local Dog Trainers in Yorklyn DC. Our Certified Trainers complete an extensive training program with elite dog behavior experts and will help you with anything from basic obedience and tricks, all the way up to the tougher challenges like leash reactivity. Whether you want to participate in a group setting, take private lessons, or have us train your dog while you’re away, our highly qualified trainers are ready to work with you and your pup. Now is the time to start your training.

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